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5 steps to create a memorable marketing plan Regardless of the size of your company, having a good marketing plan is very important, whether your intention is to enhance your brand, make more sales or conquer a new market.   As a professional you already know that this cannot happen by simply popping your fingers […]

Time to shine: how to build your brand online The branding is increasingly linked to its digital projection and the care of corporate web design. Digital transformation has revolutionized the business world to unsuspected levels. And to ignore this new digital reality is a big mistake. Businesses have at their disposal an optimal opportunity to […]

BENCHMARKING: what is it, types, stages and examples Benchmarking is a continuous process by which the products, services or work processes of leading companies are taken as a reference, to compare them with those of your own company and later make improvements and implement them. It is not about copying what your competition is doing, […]

What is SoLoMo and how to implement this strategy in your company SoLoMo is the acronym for social, location, mobile or, what is the same, social, local and mobile. This refers to a type of marketing strategy based on the possibilities of geolocation to attract customers by proximity to a business.   Have you heard […]

How to create a calendar of publications on Social Networks Working based on an editorial calendar for social networks is essential for your online marketing strategy to be impeccable. Today we want to tell you how to develop an editorial calendar so that you save time and work in an organized way since it is […]

How to get organic positioning in Google? In this article we are going to talk about what organic positioning is and how to position it in search engines, among other aspects to take into account. A practice widely used by online marketing agencies to give visibility to their websites. What is organic positioning?   SEO […]

Optimize SEO on Page to boost your SEO strategy for entrepreneurs Investing in SEO is key for any undertaking, since these are actions that will allow you to give visibility to your brand, your products or services. It also allows you to add value to potential customers and thereby increase your sales. Follow these SEO […]