What is SoLoMo and how to implement this strategy in your company

SoLoMo is the acronym for social, location, mobile or, what is the same, social, local and mobile. This refers to a type of marketing strategy based on the possibilities of geolocation to attract customers by proximity to a business.
Have you heard about the importance of SoLoMo in digital marketing strategy?
This expression refers to three essential elements of digital marketing and they serve to define the new type of user who consumes content where it is.
In 2011, for the first time, the sales of tablets and smartphones with Internet access exceeded the sales of laptops and desktops. This milestone marked a before and after in the use that consumers made of social networks and the Internet in general. Consequently, there was an adaptation of digital marketing strategies to the new user profile.
From that moment, mobile apps began to be developed to connect users with the products and services in their environment. Currently, more than 30% of Internet searches have a local objective, that is, to search for a company in the vicinity. Of those searches, more than half are completed with an action in the space of an hour.
The convergence of the use of social networks, geolocation and mobile phones have generated a new form of connection. Businesses use social media to engage with their potential customers. They connect with users when they are in the vicinity of their premises through push notifications or other types of messages that are received on the mobile.
Useful information, entertainment and conversation go hand in hand thanks to the SoLoMo experience.
Many companies have already started to take advantage of the SoLoMo concept with mobile marketing strategies. The possibilities of geolocation allow brands to focus their efforts on connecting with their audience to send them offers and promotions at the right time: when they are in their surroundings.
Another of its advantages, not inconsiderable, is the facility to improve local SEO and to get recommendations from users, thus creating a community around the brand. Working with local SEO we get our company to be shown when a person in the vicinity performs a search related to our keywords.
With this type of marketing strategy, companies can increase their profits with less effort. Now it is no longer about crushing the consumer so that they have our establishment in mind. Simply, you have to remind him when he is around and motivate him with a special promotion or initiative. The possibilities of getting a sale are multiplied thanks to the brand-client connection through the mobile phone.
In addition, advertising campaigns can be much better segmented by taking advantage of geolocation to target certain sectors of the public. The SoLoMo-based mobile marketing strategy allows for targeted advertising for people who are using their smartphone near our business.
The SoLoMo strategy is highly recommended for local businesses, although imaginatively it can be useful for all types of businesses.
These are the keys to designing a successful marketing strategy based on the SoLoMo concept.
1. Geolocation
Design local campaigns taking into account the particularities of that specific area. It is important to know in advance if an event, fair or party is going to take place, as well as the characteristics of the population of the area and their customs.
2. Differentiation
Take advantage of all the information available to design a different campaign. With a little creativity you will avoid doing the same old thing, which everyone does. If you can make a difference, you will surely get more participation.
3. Content optimization
Remember that your campaigns will be viewed on a mobile. It is essential that you adapt the content to this medium, both in form and in length. Short messages combined with an image or video are more effective. And do not forget to work the local SEO of your company in Google.
4. Gamification
Gamification encourages participation. Use game-based strategies, such as contests or street activities. Think of the success of games like hunting Pokémon with your mobile. It was a huge hit!
5. Added value
Any discount can be attractive but it is advisable to go further and offer added value to users. Think about what can motivate them to recommend you on social media. All of this will help you build longer lasting relationships with your clients. And above all, it simplifies the participation process.
As you can see, the SoLoMo concept is based on adapting your digital marketing strategies to the new times. The key is to know the characteristics of the new consumer profile, connected, social and local, to offer the best user experience.
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